Previous Sessions: Dr. Clark A Miller

Associate Director, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and Director, Center for Energy & Society

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KNOW | Designing the Future: Knowledge, Technology, and Prosperity
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Investments in new knowledge and new technologies are widely regarded as the most reliable passports to prosperous futures for contemporary societies. How we choose to design our communal futures matters enormously to human outcomes. This is true with regard to both our choices of which technologies to deploy and how to arrange their relationships with society and the economy.

In this talk, Dr. Miller discussed two strategies for “designing the future”. The first strategy is grounded in the idea that knowledge is made, not discovered, and that organizations can and should adopt a more ambitious strategy for designing and organization the knowledge systems that make and refine the ideas and decisions that create our futures. The second strategy is grounded in the idea that our technologies are more than just machines—they are the systems within which we live our lives—and hence societies can and should do a better job of designing technological futures that accord with their ethics, values, and principles.